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Nothing special about us, it is you who is special.....

We are one of thousands of NDIS Plan Managers in Australia and there is nothing special about us. 

All Plan Managers do the same thing, they process and pay the providers’ invoices. We do not claim to be the best as that is a prerogative of our customers to decide. We do what we can do and that is being considerate, compassionate, fast, flexible, and reliable.

Being very small, we are able to create a personal rapport with the participants, and be agile and fast.

But again, there are others better than us. You will only know after you try us. There is no long term binding contract, do a trial, if like us, continue or else move to another plan manager. It is so simple to change a plan manager, remember that you are in control of your choices always, not us or any other plan manager.

We are


We want to understand your story and learn about your goals.


We’re up to date in all things NDIS. We have a deep knowledge of the disability sector and local supports.


We’re open and transparent. We deliver what we promise.


We’re motivated by your goals and supporting you to achieve them. We go above and beyond to help you make the most out of your plan.

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Meet Your Plan Manager

Shivani Srivastava

A commerce graduate, an experienced accounting professional with working in public and private sector, and a skilled bookkeeper. She is fast, accurate, knowledgeable, and responsive. With her you are in safe hands.

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